Wood@Ease operates in association with Mansonia Joinery Pty (Ltd), which was established in 1986. While Mansonia focuses on custom made Joinery and shop-fitting, Wood@Ease caters for the Kitchen & Cupboards market by supplying a wide range of cabinet-related products.

While our main line is solid and semi-solid wooden doors, we also specialize in products like solid wooden tops, exposed panels, turned legs, cornices, lightshields, mouldings, and more to target specific client needs.

We do not keep to strict standards and sizes but manufacture according to your needs and what is designed. By using superior timber from all over the globe, we always strive to supply our customers with the highest quality in the shortest time possible.

We are always exploring the market for the newest trends and designs to continuously satisfy modern needs. When required, all products are professionally treated and polished with modern spray equipment to high standards.

We also specialize in stain work and coloured painting to more than two thousand colours to choose from. Oil treatment and hand-painted techniques are also part of our range.

Free quotations are done immediately when requested. Feel free to visit our showroom

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