• The manufacturer guarantees the craftsmanship for two years for the wood. Further issues will be open for discussion.
  • The use of the manufactured product is expressly for in-house use; this guarantee will be rendered null and void if the manufactured product is used for example under a lapa or carport.
  • This guarantee is also null and void if used in rooms with a high degree of moisture or temperature.
  • Due to the nature of wood, Wood@Ease cannot guarantee the colour and grain of the wood or veneers used but will always endeavour to match the colour and grain of the different pieces of wood or veneers, that is used in the manufacturing of the products.
  • If solid wood and veneer is used, the manufacturer cannot guarantee that the colour of the solid wood and veneer will match. Wood@Ease will however endeavour to match the colour as close as possible.
  • This guarantee is also null and void if the manufactured products is not treated in the recommended manner.
  • If any of the products leave the factory of Wood@Ease untreated, it is the client’s responsibility to treat the wood within seven days to prevent damage, warping, cracking.
  • This guarantee is null and void if doors are longer than 2300mm and/or exceed the width of 610mm.
The warranties as listed above EXCLUDE:
  • Damage related to subsequent alterations, misuse, negligence and/or careless use or abuse of the covered items.
  • Damage resulting from fires, storms, electrical malfunctions, accidents, floods, sub-grade moisture conditions, leaks, water damage or acts of God.
  • Damage related to customer’s failure to observe any instructions from Wood@Ease and/or requirements of the manufacturer with respect to the product, including without limitation failure to control humidity and temperature levels within the home or building.
  • Normal wear-and- tear or colour variations caused by the passage of time, light, steam or vapours or other such factors associated within the kitchen and/or living environment.
  • Domestic appliances, sinks and taps, hardware which are guaranteed by the respective manufacture’s warranties.
  • Worktops and surfacing which are guaranteed by the respective supplier and/or fabricators warranty.
  • If the manufactured products are not treated as per the manufacturer’s instructions, the warranty relating to the material as well as craftsmanship will lapse.
  • The responsibility is on the client to properly maintain the manufactured products.
  • If the product is replaced, Wood@Ease cannot be held responsible for any additional costs of replacement, except the costs for the replacing of a certain product.
  • If a product must, for whatever reason, be replaced, but the product line was suspended, Wood@Ease will replace the product with a similar looking product.
  • If the replaced product is more expensive than the originally manufactured product, the client will be held responsible for additional costs.
  • Wood@Ease cannot be held liable if the product originally provided differs from the replaced product.
  • If the product is replaced for whatsoever reason, the original product must be returned to Wood@Ease.
  • Wood@Ease offers a two-year warranty, effective from date of completion on all material and components. This warranty does not apply to any defective workmanship or incorrect installation of the product.

Kindly take note of the following instructions:

Veneer, solid timber, and painted products
  • Use a micro fibre anti-scratch cloth when cleaning. For general cleaning, only use a 5% liquid soap, 95% water solution. Wipe down with a damp cloth and dry with a soft, clean cloth. Dust with a soft cloth only, following the grain pattern of the wood.
  • Don't use cleaning products that contain alcohol or solvents. Don't use abrasive cleaners, acetone, petrol, or glass cleaners as this will damage the surface of the product. It is best to use a damp cloth to remove fingerprints and marks, followed by a clean and dry soft cloth.
  • Cooking splashes should be wiped up immediately using a damp cloth.
  • You may be aware that wood changes colour when exposed to light; the rate of change being dependant on the species and intensity of exposure.
  • Please be aware that if add-on products are required in the future, a variation in colour is highly probable. With timber, your product may need upkeep every few months – this will depend on how the product has been sealed after manufacturing. Please ensure you have checked whether upkeep of this nature is required.
  • Excessive exposure to water, steam and humidity can cause the timber/substrate to warp and split. The use of a cooker hood, or extractor, whenever cooking, is advised. This will help avoid steam and cooking oil vapours from adversely effecting surfaces.


Your work surfaces can become damaged if mistreated. We would recommend the following basic

‘rules’ to adhere to: Always use a chopping board. Place hot pans or casserole dishes on

protective mats or trivets. Mop up spills immediately, particularly on joins, and around sink and hob

cut-out areas.



Always mop up spills straight away and don't leave wet crockery to stand for any length of time.

Particular attention should be paid to the sink area; wipe down the work surface after use.

Avoid prolonged contact with metals, such as iron and steel, as these can cause black staining

of the timber. Wipe clean using a well wrung out cloth dipped in warm soapy water.

Unsealed solid wood surfaces require slightly more maintenance than other tops as they

need to be oiled regularly. Make use of the oil or other product recommended by your supplier

to keep the wood supple and prevent cracking. Always follow the grain when applying oil and

use a soft dry cloth.

Without this care the tops can crack and warp

Additional Terms of Conditions:

The client will not claim a refund or remedy and accepts full responsibility should the goods be damaged due to misuse, abuse or gross negligence on the part of the client. The client also accepts that these foregoing factors will vitiate his/her warrantee and/or guarantee.

The client accepts, that should the goods have a defect, failure, or hazard, he/she will immediately inform the supplier and promptly claim a remedy. Pertaining to the fact that the supplier has provided warnings and safety instructions in advance, he/she accepts that when handling the goods, he/she must comply with these instructions.
The supplier reserves the right to institute the necessary legal proceedings in the event of non-payment, which will entitle the supplier to repossess goods supplied

The customer agrees that interest will be charged per applicable legislation on all monies (outstanding & arrears) due in terms of this agreement.
The above warranties rely on the customer following the care and maintenance document provided by Wood@Ease. Should none be provided then the customer is directed to the KSA’s Care and Maintenance guidelines available for download off the KSA’s website –